Founder and CEO of Relke Fitness

Christina Relke is a Mississauga-based personal trainer. Her 360-degree approach allows you to make health and wellness a matter of lifestyle, creating sustainable, achievable, and holistic change. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, Christina’s knowledge, passion, and commitment to her clients are unmatched. With multiple fitness certifications, she has been able to deliver a service that covers the fine details of personal program design with a coaching style that empowers clients and brings positivity towards their change. 

Christina’s past involvement in competitive sport has developed a driven personality that is dedicated to providing exceptional services through continuous education, experience and evidence-based results. With a confident and empowered approach, she strives to inspire and motivate her clients to feel like winners every single day

Christina is certified by the Certified Personal Trainers Network and a graduate of The University of Western OntarioWhen she is not engaging with clients, she loves travelling, gardening, and spending time with her dog Jenney and fiancé Jeff.